Retrofit to Prevent Ice Dams

There’s still a lot of winter to go in 2022. That means, the threat of ice dams continue to pose a threat to homes. A property owner in MA chose the Greenstamp team to retrofit their single-family home with sprayfoam insulation to prevent ice dams. Smart move!


Featured Project: Pool House in MA

A beautiful indoor pool house in MA gets insulted with spray foam. A vapor barrier coating has been applied to increase the airtightness of the pool house as well as prevent moisture from infiltrating an area where it could condense and cause mold growth or premature rotting.

The Best Way to Prevent Ice Dams

Ice dams are a common sight all over New England. These humps of ice form on the edge of roofs and cause damage not only to the roof, but inside the home as well. There are several tools available, from roof rakes to ice melting systems. However, there is only one sure way to fix the underlying problem that causes ice dams in the first place — a warm roof, caused when heated air seeps out from the space below the roof, due to poor insulation and venting. Melted snow enters the home creating water damage and potential mold problems.
The best way to prevent ice dams is spray foam insulation.
In the last 20 years, Greenstamp insulated many homes throughout the Boston-metro area and Cape Cod to prevent ice dams. We insulated this home featured below. In the first photo taken in 2010, ice dams are visible. In the photo, taken after the infamous 2015 “Snowmaggedon”, no ice dams!
Contact us for insulation to prevent costly ice dams on your roof this winter! 

Cathedral Ceiling Insulted in Chelmsford, MA

The Greenstamp team installed #sprayfoaminsulation in this cathedral ceiling and roof for a recent retrofit and remodel project in MA. The space will remain comfortable all year and the home will be protected from ice dams during the harsh New England winters.
We partner with builders and homeowners to install insulation in new construction, renovations and retrofits. If you have a project, let’s talk.

Basement Slab Gets Spray Foamed

This residential pool house in Newburyport, MA had spray foam insulation installed in the basement. The Greenstamp team installed spray foam on the slab before the concrete was poured. The spray foam insulation layer creates a moisture barrier in the basement and will keep the space warmer. 

New construction or renovation? Contact us to learn more about the different applications for spray foam insulation. 

Beach House, Sandwich, MA

This amazing beach house on Cape Cod received a coating of spray foam insulation by the Greenstamp team of professional insulation installers. This home will be energy efficient in all seasons and protected from the moist ocean air. The spray foam insulation was added to all outer-exposed floors, crawlspaces, walls, and ceilings. That’s 360-degree protection!

Apartment Building Crawlspace Gets Spray-Foamed

Do you get excited about crawlspaces like we do? Along the Lowell Canal, an apartment building’s crawlspace allowed air up from the ground to enter the building. But not any more! The Greenstamp crew insulated it with spray foam, and this will help folks save on heating and cooling costs in the long run.

Residential Renovation in RI gets SprayFoam

Traditionally, spring is the busiest time for builders and contractors. It’s a busy time for Greenstamp too. Our crew has been in Middleton, RI applying spray foam insulation into a home renovation project. This winter, the home will be energy efficient and the owners will see a significant reduction in heating costs.

Protecting Valuables in a Crawl Space on Plum Island

Homeowners on Plum Island, MA hired the Greenstamp team to spray insulation in a crawl space to protect items they stored there and insulate the space above it.