Some Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Insulation

Greenstamp is best known for spray foam insulation, but as building envelope and insulation specialists, we know the pros and cons of all types of insulation.

Fiberglass insulation is a popular option for insulating homes. It’s affordable and relatively quick and easy to install. Three key benefits of fiberglass insulation include:

  • Energy Efficient: Helps reduce heating and cooling costs by 40%-50%, but if not installed by a professional, it can lose effectiveness over time
  • Fire Retardant: Poses little to no fire hazard as it is made from recycled glass and sand
  • Noise Dampening: Reduces noise due to it’s a natural sound-dampening properties

Fiberglass insulation also has its downsides, especially if it’s not installed by a professional. Some cons include:

  • Coverage: Standard, pre-cut pieces, or batts, can be difficult to install, especially in oddly-shaped, small, and hard-to-access areas
  • Air Tightness: Often, another type of insulation, like spray foam, is needed to make fiberglass more effective against air leaks
  • Moisture & Mold: Unless a moisture barrier is installed, such as spray foam insulation, fiberglass material can absorb and hold moisture which could lead to mold and mildew problems

The Greenstamp team is happy to discuss your insulation needs to give you the best options for your project and budget. Contact us.

Sprayfoam Insulation – Vapor Barrier

Don’t let this happen to you!

A homeowner’s floor above a crawl space was left uninsulated by the original contractor. Over time, the lack of a vapor barrier caused the floor to rot out. The Greenstamp team was called by their new contractor to repair and install the missing insulation and vapor barrier and solve the problem once and for all. 

Stricter HERS Ratings Requirements for 2024

New Homes In Massachusetts Need to Be More Energy Efficient

The HERS Rating System is a home energy performance measurement. The rating score provides builders and homeowners an idea of how well a home ranks in terms of energy use and comfort. The lower the score the better.

For new residential projects, the HERS Rating score has been progressively declining.

Starting January 1, 2023, and effective through June 30, 2024, the maximum HERS Index for new home will go down from the current 55 to a 52. Then, beginning July 1, 2024, the maximum HERS Index score  will drop to a HERS 42.

This significant drop means builders and subcontractors with new projects could be at risk. Adjustments to the project to meet the new HERS 42 requirement could include the need to replace equipment or cause delayed closings.

There are several factors that will help to make a home more energy efficient. In our expert opinion, spray foam insulation can play a big part.

Here are some benefits of spray foam insulation:

  • Effective at sealing small holes, seams and cracks, creating a vapor barrier
  • Versatile material can be installed in any home, in any space
  • Easier to apply in hard to seal places than fiberglass

The bottom line is spray foam insulation will help achieve a lower HERS score. Contact us to speak with one of our experts.


Concord Estate for Sale

The Greenstamp team insulated this 25,537 square feet estate in Concord, MA. It’s now on the market for over $23 million! The new owners will enjoy enhanced comfort and privacy in their own private 5-star resort thanks to the spray foam insulation installed throughout.


Residential Three-Season Room Gets Insulated

In recent a residential insulation project on Cape Cod, we insulated this three-season room with living space above.  No more cold feet in the winter! 
Do you have a crawlspace or screened-in area with living space above it? If yes, this could be the solution to your comfort problems. 

Middleton MA Residential Basement Gets Insulated and More

The basement of a home in northern MA was insulated by the Green Stamp team! The installers sprayed foam insulation along the exterior walls to create an air and vapor barrier for energy efficient heating and cooling. Sound attenuation insulation was installed through out the mechanical/utility room to deliver noise control in the  stud wall cavities of the interior room partitions. The exposed foam in the utility room was coated with a flame control intumescent coating for added fire-prevention. This job is an example of a complete basement insulation installation.

If your basement is noisy, damp and too hot or cold, contact us! We’ll come to you to inspect the issues in your basement and provide the best possible insulation solution for your budget.


Outsultation Project

Outsulation? Yes! As the name suggests, outsulation systems installs insulation on the outside the building. Outsulation is one of the most effective solution for meeting today’s energy code requirements for continuous insulation (CI).

Outsulation offers:

  • Moisture drainage for incidental moisture
  • Air and water-resistive barrier membrane
  • Anti-crack, impact resistant scrim
  • Durable and seamless finish veneer that provides a range of aesthetically appealing results.

Contact us for more information and to see if outsulation is right for your residential or commercial property.

10-Community Fossil Fuel Ban Becomes Law

On August 10, 2022, Governor Charlie Baker signed a clean energy and climate bill to help the state reach the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. The bill included a pilot program to allow ten cities and towns to restrict or prohibit the use of fossil fuels in most construction or major renovation projects. The proposal was signed amid opposition by labor unions, utility companies, real estate and housing organizations that the program could slow housing production.

The climate bill doesn’t dictate which 10 communities will participate in the study. The Department of Energy Resources will oversee the program and decide which communities participate based on the following criteria:

Received local approval, and has:

  • Achieved the 10% threshold on the subsidized housing inventory under Chapter 40B or have a Housing Production Plan approved by the Department of Housing and Community Development; or
  • Has approved a zoning ordinance or by-law that provides for at least 1 district of reasonable size in which multi-family housing is permitted

Ten cities and towns have already secured local approval and have submitted home rule petitions: Cambridge, Newton, Brookline, Lexington, Arlington, Concord, Lincoln, Acton, Aquinnah, and West Tisbury. Other towns and cities can still apply and have 18 months from the effective date of the new law (July 31, 2022) to achieve compliance with these requirements in order to participate in the project.

We at Greenstamp are very aware of this law change. The new law means that new construction and renovation project in the selected towns will need to go all electric. That being said, going all electric heating and cooling will require that these homes and buildings must use the best insulation possible. Building better and tighter homes will reduce the home’s energy use and carbon footprint.

We currently work with our contractors educating them on best practices to achieve this now. As this becomes more common practice over the next few years we are already ahead of the game.


Car Barn – Fiberglass Project

A car collector constructed a car barn that needed insulation. The team at Greenstamp Insulation recommends and installs the best insulation for each project. In this case, to get the most insulation benefit, while minimizing costs, we installed budget-friendly fiberglass insulation.

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