Top 10 Reasons to Air Seal Your Home

  1. Return on Investment.  It’s the best investment you’ll ever make.  Air leakage is responsible for up to 40% of your heating loss.  Imagine spending less than a $1000 to have a professional crew come in and, in half a day with no mess, reduce your heating and cooling bills by up to 32% (or 80% of 40%)?
  2. Rebates, rebates, rebates.  If you’re like most of the country, you’ll also get up to $2000 back in government sponsored rebates.  So, it’s not only good business, but it’s basically free.  Imagine investing in the stock market and both getting to physically enjoy your investment and being able to realize an immediate return on your investment.  How often does this happen?
  3. Whole House Comfort.  It will make your home more comfortable.  Drafty windows and doors make for uneven heating throughout the house.  So, you end up with some places that are too hot and others that are too cold.  Imagine your home heated evenly throughout so that you could put your bed right next to your windows.  It’s possible, it really is.
  4. Painless and Immediate.  It’s quick, quiet and clean.  About 80% of air sealing of a home can be done by a team of trained professionals in half a day or less.  You’ll realize the differences immediately.
  5. Noise Reduction.  Air sealing doesn’t only keep cold air out, it also keeps out noise.  So, your house will be more comfortable and quieter.
  6. Improve Indoor Air Quality.  It can also keep out mold and pollen.  So, if you’ve got allergies or are sensitive to mold, your home can finally be a safe haven.
  7. Prevents Ice Dams.  Ice dams are caused by air leakage to the underside of your roof.  This air is heated and melts the snow on top of the roof.  The melted snow then drips down the roof until it refreezes causing those beautiful icicles hanging off the gutter.  While they definitely are pretty, the damage they cause is extremely well known.
  8. Damage Control.  Most frozen pipes could have been prevented with air sealing.  If you’ve ever had a pipe freeze and a pipe break, you understand how valuable that can be.
  9. Pest Control.  Air sealing can also keep out unwanted guests, such as birds, bugs and rodents.
  10. Prevents water damage.  Water will follow the same holes that the air comes in through.  When that water comes in, it often hides in the wall cavities destroying the building materials and acting as a breeding ground for mold and termites.   If you air seal using the right materials, it will stop the air, the water, the mold and the pests.